Errors while opening Dynamips

After installing Dynamips on the computer, we tried opening the file.

An error came out:

The procedure entry point PacketGetReadEvent could not be located in the dynamic link library packet.dll.



  1. Wagio Said:

    Can you try to copy the packet.dll and winpcap.dll to system32 folder and try again?
    Let me know of the outcome. Thanks.

  2. Wagio Said:

    If it still failed, try this:
    1. Uninstall WinPCAP.
    2. Uninstall Dynamips/Dynagen
    3. Install WinPCAP before installing Dynamips/Dynagen.
    Let me know the outcome ok..

  3. khalis Said:

    Still cannot. The same error appears again.
    The readme file say paste in system instead of system32.
    I tried both, but still cannot work.

  4. Wagio Said:

    did you try the second method? Re-install the winpcap followed by dynamips.

  5. Wagio Said:

    Try to download the packet.dll file from

  6. Wagio Said:

    alternatively, try to upgrade your dynagen package to the package with dynamips version 0.2.8-RC2

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